Uky Honors Course Agreement

HONORS EXPERIENCES includes bachelor`s research, overseas training, experience learning and service learning opportunities. Honors Experiences offers Honor students unique opportunities to broaden their horizons by doing university research, learning professionals in their field, working with non-profit organizations or immersing themselves in other cultures around the world. Six credits of hours of honorary experience are required, and many majors have required or optional courses that can count. HONORS DEPARTEMENTAL SECTIONS is taught by honorary faculties that are placed in university departments located outside the Honorary College. These courses have been developed especially for honorary students by increasing interdisciplinary content, using primary materials, writing and discussion intensity, integrating independent research or other elements aimed at developing critical and analytical skills. Eligible courses: The agreement process can be used to convert all level 200 or higher courses, including abroad education courses. Course content: Honorary courses are designed to meet higher standards than general courses. The additional courses should focus on intellectual and academic complexity. Activities, tasks or projects should be more demanding, include more advanced readings or further study and a better understanding of the general content of courses at the British Faculty: an honors college running agreement requires careful planning between the student and the teacher, collaboration throughout the semester as needed and the obligation for both parties to follow the Honors credit process. If you have any questions about this process, please contact Lewis Honors College at 859-257-3111 to speak to an honorary advisor.

We appreciate your willingness to help honorary students earn honorary credit for your course, and we hope that your participation in this process will be rewarding for both you and the student. Group agreements: a professor may, at his sole discretion, welcome a group of honorary students who take the same course and allow them to propose an agreement for a group course. This can be achieved by meeting the same additional requirements, with the faculty member supervising separate individual requirements for each student. Approval of group agreements can be done with a single authorization form if students meet the same set of additional requirements. For group agreements in which students meet different conditions, separate proposals and forms are required for each student. Group agreements must be submitted immediately directly to the Director of Academic Affairs. 6. The honorary credit is awarded, provided that a B or higher grade is earned in the course and that the academic advisor of the fees is submitted to the additional work corresponding to the last day of the validity period.