Tenancy Agreement For Room Rental In Singapore

Tenants cannot be tenants of HDB public rental housing or owners of other HDB housing unless they are divorced/legally separated. In this case, only one party can rent an HDB apartment to other owners who have the right to rent their entire apartment. However, you must rent your own apartment to another owner within one month from the rental of an HDB apartment The minimum rental period for each tenant is 6 months, both in HDB and private real estate. Therefore, it is advisable not to sign the lease, as this would mean that you will have to pay a monthly rent. Good news! You can rent your spare room after authorization from the HDB without respecting the minimum occupancy period (MOP) of five years. Good evening. I would like to terminate the contract, hence the aggressive behaviour of other tanned people. – tried to solve this problem by the dresser, explained the agent & owner. – gave the agent and owner more than a month`s notice (based on the agreement) – agreement mentioned that landlords or tenants can terminate the contract – they do not want to refund the deposit.

After I complained and responded to the agent`s comment, the agent doesn`t respond to my email….