Telework Agreement Form

Objective: This form is necessary to define your order of work with your supervisor. GSA Forms (GSA) Here is a list of all GSA forms. These are most used by GSA employees, contractors and customers. Other Forms This is a list of forms from GSA and other agencies frequently used by GSA employees. Instructions: Please fill out this form and send me this form with the training certificate after you and your supervisor have signed the form. Visit GSA SmartPay to find tax-exempt forms and/or links directly to government sites. NOTE: These forms are not required remotely. Please ensure that on the first business day you will bring the following forms: Check the agency`s forms and requests on Objective: this checklist of self-certification aims to assess the overall safety of the alternative workstation of all teleworkers. Any staff member with an approved telework agreement must read and complete this checklist. Instructions: Read, fill out and sign the form. Detailed instructions for filling out this form can be provided below.

Note: This form must be signed by your supervisor. Purpose: This form allows employees to access the DOI eTravel (ConcurGov) system as a travel and/or travel agent (for administrative positions) and/or as a travel author (for superiors). Your position determines the type of access you need. Instructions: The agreement must be signed and dated by both the participating staff member and his or her supervisor. Line managers and workers should keep a copy of the „approved“ agreement for their registrations. Instructions: Discuss your work plan with your supervisor, then sign and make sure they sign the form. To access the agreement, copy this URL in Internet Explorer or Adobe Reader. It is not open in Google or with most browsers, nor with most PDF readers. The GSA Forms library contains these forms and views: Use PDF versions of Adobe Reader™ forms. Download Adobe Reader™ purpose: This form can only be filled out by employees who need to travel.

Standard Forms (SF) This is a list of standard government forms beginning with the letters „SF.“ . GSA 3602B – Credit Card Withdrawal – Revised – 23.10.2020 . . Purpose: increase staff flexibility in performing personal and professional tasks; It can offer the freedom to deal with office deviations, reduced work/life stress and an alternative work facility that can be used in an emergency. GSA 3677 – Review of Reasonable Accommodation Request – Revised – 11/20/2020 SF 94 – Statement of Witness – Renewed and revised – 1 9.11.2020 SF 1199A – Registration form for direct deposits – Revised – 2.11.2020 GSA 7662 – U.S.