Social Clause In Trade Agreements

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development: 1996, Trade, Employment and Labour Standards: A Study on Key Workers` Rights and International Trade, Paris. Various interest groups, and in particular domestic companies in developed countries, have pushed governments to include a „social clause“ in trade agreements with less developed countries. This clause aims to combine access to the markets of industrialized countries and the improvement of working conditions in poor countries. The implications of such a clause for internationally oriented companies and how managers can effectively manage human rights issues in their overseas operations are examined. Different groups of voters will be identified in this debate and an integrated response system from businesses will be presented. Internationalen Arbeitsamtes: 1997b, Bericht des Generaldirektors, 85. Tagung der Internationalen Arbeitskonferenz, Genf. . (29. Dezember 1997) Dewet, E.: 1995, « Labor Standards in the Globalized Economy: The Inclusion of a Social Clause in The General Agreement on Tariff and Trade-World Trade Organization », Human Rights Quarterly 17(3), 443–462. .

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