Service Agreement Compliance Certification Form

The customer wants GreenBizCheck to provide the services and GreenBizCheck is ready to provide the services to the customer in accordance with the terms set out in this contract. The certification logo refers to a symbol, word or other sign (as specified in the certificate) indicating that the services provided by the client to third parties have been certified by Bureau Veritas as meeting the required requirements; Contract Requirements: For work contracts over $100,000 and commercial services contracts over $50,000, you must obtain a 50% interest in the LBE/SLBE. This requirement is met by a 25% LBE stake and 25% slbe split or a 50% stake slbe. For work contracts under $100,000 and commercial services contracts under $50,000, you must contact certified local businesses to ensure that at least three local businesses will be included in the tender. Compliance Incentives:A minimum 5% discount for compliance with the participation requirementEveral points and discounts higher than the level of local participation and small local participationMentor-Protected Relations between non-local and local certified businesses are strongly encouraged contract means that the contract between GreenBizCheck and the customer stems from the customer`s certification request; Certification procedures are procedures developed by GreenBizCheck and used to evaluate the services provided by the customer to third parties to enable GreenBizCheck to issue or maintain certification; The client entity, organization or person who wishes to obtain certification and who is mentioned in the certification application; By adding the list agreement and the corresponding add-on/form to your offer, SmartMLS can immediately verify any compliance issues. This allows us to effectively confirm that the information contained in the rating agreement corresponds to the MLS information. This ensures that all SmartMLS offers follow the same rules and allow accurate and consistent comparisons to all information offerings such as Days on Market. Section 4.20 Writing and Contracting RightsThe service requires subscribers and/or subscribers to submit a copy of the rating agreement or certification form and associated documents within 24 hours of enrolling in the Service. In addition, the service may provide participants and/or subscribers with additional written information and data on offers submitted to the service from time to time to test the integrity of the service`s composition.

The requested documents must be provided within twenty-four hours of the service request. Fees are the fees set in the certification enforcement directive or, as agreed by GreenBizCheck and the customer; Contract Compliance monitors and imposes municipal guidelines for all city contracts. GreenBizCheck stands for GreenBizCheck Pty Ltd ABN 51 128 048 466. This applies to all required downloads: You can access resources for your small business and your local business. certificate: a document issued by Bureau Veritas attesting that the client has obtained certification; License: the license granted in accordance with point 6 above;.