Investment Banking Advisory Services Agreement

This letter (the „Agreement“) confirms the appointment of Legend Securities, Inc. („Legend“) by cytRx Corporation (the „Company“ and, together, the „Parties“) to provide investor and business education services on a non-exclusive basis, as set forth below, in consideration for the following fees and remuneration: this Agreement („Agreement“) will be entered into and entered into on August 9. 2012 between JH DARBIE &Co., INC., („JHD“) and CONTINUITY SOLUTIONS, INC. (together with all subsidiaries, related companies, successors and other controlled entities that exist or were created after the performance of this Agreement, together the „Company“). This correspondence agreement (this „Agreement“) confirms the commitment of Fibrocell Science Inc. (the „Company“) of John Carris Investments LLC, a New York Limited Liability Company („John Carris“) and Viriathus Holdings LLC, Viriathus Capital LLC Series and not just LLC in general or another series of LLC, a delaware Limited Liability Company („Viriathus“), as an investment banker, financial advisor and consultant to the Company, and sets the Terms, under which agents must act in this capacity. American Capital Partners, LLC („American Partners“) is pleased to offer Theater Xtreme Entertainment Group, Inc., a Florida company (the „Company“), this financial advisory and investment banking agreement („Agreement“). This agreement provides that American shall act as a non-exclusive corporate and investment banking advisor („consultant“) on matters related to the investment banking and corporate finance activities in which the company has an interest. . This investment banking agreement (the „Agreement“) will be entered into and entered into on December 17, 2007 and is expected to commence on January 1, 2008 by Capital City Petroleum, Inc.(the „Company“), based at 8351 North High Street, Suite 101, Columbus, Ohio 43235; and Capital City Consulting Group, LLC, (CCCG), based at 9100 Dadeland Boulevard, Suite 1800, Miami, Florida 33156. AGREEMENT which, on the date of this ___ of __ 2006 by and between Mach One Corporation, whose registered office is at 3155 East Patrick Lane, Suite 1, Las Vegas, Nevada 89120 hereinafter the „Company“ and Charles Morgan Securities Inc., whose registered office is at 120 Wall St., 16th Fl, New York, NY 10005, hereinafter („CMS“). .