How Much Is Sears Master Protection Agreement

(This noise is far from normal.) You refuse to make an appointment for the repair. We will continue to try, but if there is a class action, I want to be involved. I bought a protection plan for heating and cooling, and they put me on the phone for two hours and told me that different departments had to handle this. They told me that my device was not replaceable. NEW JERSEY — I spent 20 years having a sears framework contract for our HLK systems. Over the years, we have had many complaints for not complying with their contractual terms, but as a result of noisy and frequent complaints, Sears has managed to cope. Not anymore. The last service appointments were all nightmares. DEZ. 2017 – Heating does not work.

Sears cannot schedule service for 6 days. A local repair service. Sears tried to refuse the refund. It took a lot of phone calls and emails for Sears to finally pay us $262. MAY 2018 – A/C maintenance scheduled for 8 days. Appointment has never been confirmed. „One day, my dryer wouldn`t work anymore; I called Sears and someone went out the next day and fixed it. No tumble dryer maintenance contract. A few months later, my freezer broke and I had a maintenance contract. They couldn`t go out for almost a week. It was repaired, but I lost hundreds of dollars of food. (Speaking of ourselves, if we had to do without a large appliance for six days, we would give up the dryer rather than our refrigerator.) Regardless of this, after more than 30 years of kenmore family, the last two visits were filled with incapacity, delay, inexperience and on this last visit – incivility.

I have terminated my remaining protection agreements on all devices I own, including the refrigerator, dishwasher and range, via SEARS and intend to close my SEARS account before the end of January…