Gks Applicant Agreement Adalah

GKS Applicant Agreement disebut juga dengan NIIED Pledge atau Janji NIIED NIIED adalah sebuah perjanjian anatara pelamar beasiswa dan pihak NIIED. ○ GKS quota reserved for the university track: 610 candidates from 77 countries (430 general applicants + 180 science and engineering majors by regional candidates at the university) – Passport of the applicant and the applicant`s parent (not required) Applicants from the Czech Republic must submit their applications in accordance with the agreement between the Korean Government and the Government of the Czech Republic at the Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic. ○ All applicants must have maintained the Overall Grade Average (CGPA), which corresponds to ONE of the following points or is higher than one of the following points from their respective universities: ○ Letters of Recommendation must be written by two different advisors who can carry out a thorough assessment of the applicant`s academic skills. Koreans from 18 countries. Foreign Koreans submit their applications to Korean embassies in 18 countries where they have citizenship and are selected from their own pool of applicants. – 116 embassies of the Republic of Korea: In countries where the Korean Educational Center or Korean Cultural Center is located, these institutions can accept and consider GCC applications instead of Korean embassies. We strongly recommend that applicants contact the Korean embassy in their country to check which party accepts the application. For applicants who are sure that they will no longer be able to re-issue their academic documents in the future, we strongly recommend that you submit notarial, apostilled or consularly confirmed academic documents instead of original documents. Applicants submit applications to Korean embassies or Korean universities designated by NIIED. Each embassy and university selects candidates from among the candidates based on the NIIED selection criteria. – If an applicant does not submit the above document before August 31, 2019 or does not meet the grade requirement, the scholarship is cancelled. ○ If a candidate has a CGPA below the minimum score, the candidate is disqualified and the application is not considered. .