Expert Agreement Deutsch

6.8 An arbitral expert informs the parties and the main secretariat of the DIS of the circumstances that may raise doubts about its impartiality or independence, without delay throughout the expert-setting process. 14.5 Arbitration evaluators have room for discretion in deciding this interview and its registration. They also have discretion in deciding whether the issues are admitted by the parties or their representatives in such an interview. 14.1 An oral procedure takes place at the request of a party. In the absence of such a request, the auditors decide, at their discretion, whether or not to hold oral proceedings. 24.2 If benefits were provided on the basis of a decision of the non-award auditors who, as a result of the (arbitration tribunal) decision, were compensated, the right to compensation is paid from the date of the accounting benefit at an interest rate 5 percentage points higher than the basic interest rate per year. 25.1 The parties do not bring (arbitration) action on claims that are still the subject of a review procedure by pending experts. 5.2 The chairman of the arbitration committee or the sole arbitrator is a lawyer. 3.1 Where the expert request provides that more than one other party within the meaning of Section 2, paragraph 1, or other parties who are not parties to the agreement under paragraph 1, paragraph 1, are involved in the proceedings, the applicant sends the request to each of these parties. 30.3 The referee`s fees are measured by the time he has spent. 9.1 The opponent responds in writing to the request within six weeks of the commencement of the proceedings (section 2, paragraph 3) and transmits his response to the applicant and the escapees.

18.3 Arbitration auditors can also correct their decision. The Bundesgerichtshof has also published a number of practical notes containing guidance on the use of expert evidence that the parties and their lawyers should know before they wish to produce expert evidence for use before the Court of Justice: 25.2 This is not the case for claims for which the Referee Experts have not sent a decision to the DIS within six months of the opening of the review procedure Experts. unless both parties have agreed to an extension.