Background Check Service Agreement

7.4 Only for customers of control dealers: sections 7.1, 7.2 and 7.3 do not apply. You pay the Checkr dealer the fees indicated in each invoice sent by your Checkr Partner dealer, in return for the reports ordered and in accordance with the terms of use of that Checkr dealer. You must provide this dealer with valid ACH debit information on your account before you can order reports. You should contact your control dealer for billing and payment issues or disputes. „variable cost“ refers to additional variable fees that may be collected by third parties or public authorities, such as court fees, county processing fees, multi-state or international fees, etc. related to the background examination you order. Additional price information can be found on as updated from time to time. 13.3 Provisions for Consumer Arbitration Procedures. To the extent that you have terms of use, terms of use or similar documents or agreements that apply to consumers and contain an arbitration provision, you agree to add to this provision the language (or language that is materially identical): „Our rights and obligations arising from this arbitration provision will benefit the consumer registration body, whether the consumer registration body is designated as a co-accused with us or in a claim that would be subject to this arbitration rule. 8.3 You are not required to provide Checkr with ideas, comments or suggestions about Checkr`s products or services („Feedback“). If you comment to Checkr, you agree to assign all rights, titles and interests, as well as their comments, to check, and to accept that Checkr can freely use and use this feedback without compensation.

4.4 Updates. Checkr may change platform functions from time to time as well as the production, support, delivery, layout or maintenance of reports, or stop reporting at your discretion, provided such a change does not result in a substantial reduction in the usefulness, functionality or integrity of Checkr`s services. For any significant and negative changes in reporting functions and details, Checkr will make reasonable economic efforts to communicate to you at least 30 days in advance.