Articulation Agreement Apu

In fact, some universities, such as Azusa Pacific University, provide lists of partner schools with articulation agreements; APU even contains a direct link to each agreement, right down to the exact course codes. Other schools may have students to contact a articulation officer to check transferable courses and cooperate between universities. They may not have heard much about articulation agreements, but they play a crucial role in the university experience of many students. A articulation agreement serves as a springboard between one higher education system and another. These partnerships between junior colleges and universities give students the flexibility to plan their degree in a way that respects their time and finances. San Bernardino Valley College has articulation agreements with many independent universities in California and a-state. Articulation agreements define courses that are delivered in one institution and meet the requirements of another institution in terms of general preparation, general education and transfer. The following are NOT articulation agreements, but are tools to help traditional students know which APU courses will accept to meet the requirements of general education. By following the courses listed in the articulation agreements between SBVC and the university of choice for transfer, students can eliminate course proficiency, reduce the cost of teaching for higher education credits and obtain further training. After the courses on the list for your main subject at an independent/private university of your choice, students can graduate from that university without the need to repeat lower level courses in the main class.

Please note that the transfer contract with SBVC`s Los Angeles Film School NUR ONE-WAY is valid. Click On Accreditation Agencies for more information. If you want to transfer schools using a joint agreement, here are some tips for success: Once you understand your school`s agreements, you can work with your admissions counselors to ensure a smooth transfer. If you are considering moving from a junior college to a university, you should do some research first. Fortunately, many schools offer articulation agreements — and want to provide students with the information they need. Articulation agreements are essentially contracts that determine courses directly taught between a university and a university. These agreements are specific to each school and can assure students that the general education courses (as well as the main and secondary courses) they take at a junior university can be charged on their four-year degree at a partner university. If you work for a bachelor`s degree but start your graduate studies at a junior university, articulation agreements can serve as a valuable roadmap by helping you stay on track to graduate. Are you interested in the courses that will be taught between Azusa Pacific University and more than 100 California Junior Colleges? Check the current APU agreements and contact us today. Please note that no transfer application form is required to transfer traditional licensing courses in an articulation agreement with APU.

Choose a community college or university in California to see a articulation agreement: If you`re starting at a junior college, you can use a joint agreement to plan your path to conclusion. By knowing which courses will be transferred to your desired university, you can selectively choose the courses you want to take before making the jump. If you want to transfer between schools, you need to familiarize yourself with how your various transfer processes work.